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  • Your comments. Agree, disagree, amplify or focus in! Whatever your thoughts, contribute them by:
    • Commenting to the blog posts publicly
    • Sending us a message privately via the Contact form.
  • Related content. Send additional information on research, programs, articles, ideas or products that would contribute to the mission.
    • Send us a link to the online content via this Contact form
    • Email the relevant document to us at [tbd]
  • Wise Poor Mother Profiles. Was your mother one of these special people?  Do you know a wise mother who deserves to be recognized? Some profiles will go one the site and  book on such mothers is in progress!  Please give us a brief description of what they did or do that makes their children or community stronger and who to contact to get more information.
  • Programs.  If you know of existing programs that help build great parenting skills among low income women, we would love to hear about them and share that information. Please describe the program briefly and how we can get more information if needed.

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