Everything You Need to Know about Making the World Better Today, You Can Learn From Burgerville

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Years ago, at a Sustainable Brands conference,  I heard a very memorable talk by an executive from Burgerville, a burger restaurant chain in Washington and Oregon.  Long before sustainability was hot, Burgerville had built up a thriving business through a commitment to serving fresh food, buying locally, treating employees well and being a valuable member of their communities.  At the time, I was impressed enough to share some of their wisdom with several people after the conference.   I ran across one such message recently and thought the guidance was worth sharing with you.

The Burgerville company Mision is:  Serve With Love

“Our mission, “Serve With Love,” is about choosing to be the difference with each other and our guests. When you visit us, we commit to serving you from our mission with our actions.”

This is really the most brilliant Mission I have seen.  They are harnessing the most powerful force ever, Love, and tying it very practically to their business.

To make loving a hungry stranger actionable they take the next step.  They commit to being the difference through 5 actions, which are on the back of every employee ID card:

  • Reach out
  • Start a conversation
  • Share a smile
  • Create a memory
  • bulls eye 4 inInspire hope

Being vegetarian, I would not normally look to a burger company for inspiration.  But the fine folks at Burgerville seem to have nailed it when it comes to guidance on what each of us can do to make  the world better each day.

Of course “Acting with Love” will benefit everyone with whom you cross paths.  Perhaps you’ll find a moment when you can Reach Out to a low-income mother.  If so, the impact of being a virtual Burgerviller will be terrific:

  • Even a brief conversation can give her new insights that can help her or her children.
  •  The smallest of positive gestures, Sharing a smile with her or her child can give a low-income mother the lift that will make her daily struggles more bearable.
  • Helping her do something new not only creates a fond memory, it ensures that she feels more capable of doing that in the future by herself.
  • Reinforcing the value of a goal even if progress toward it is slow or interrupted, inspires hope.



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