In the News: Poor Children are the Majority in Schools in 17 States

Just in case any of us lost track of the size of the issue…..

From the Washington Post today:

1.  The Data

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2.  A Call for Fresh Thinking and Action

“Hank Bounds, the Mississippi commissioner of higher education, said the country needs to figure out how to educate the growing classes of poor students and reverse the trend.

‘Lots of folks say we need to change this paradigm, but as a country, we’re not focusing on the issue,’ said [Hank] Bounds, who was previously Mississippi’s state school superintendent. ‘What we’re doing is not working. We need to get philanthropies, the feds, business leaders, everybody, together and figure this out. We need another Sputnik moment.’ ” (Emphasis added)

There are many things to be done.  New school programs are important.  Jobs with living wages are essential.  In any re-energized discussion of ways to address childhood poverty in America, let’s make sure that someone speaks up for how powerfully empowerment of these children’s mothers can maximize resiliency, reduce the consequences of their poverty and create fertile ground for all other programs.

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