“Brainology”: A Packaged Program That Builds Transformational Belief in the Value of Effort

brain 5Yesterday’s post was on the power of believing in the brain’s ability to grow through learning, and how that boosts young people’s motivation and school performance.   The call to action was to let others know about this very powerful information.  That still holds.  The information is simple enough to share.   But some additional web searching revealed a product that enables parents, teachers, youth organization leaders, and well, anyone, to educate children about this in an structured and engaging way.

One of the most prominent researchers in this field, Dr. Carol Dweck,  has put together a packaged program called “Brainology”.   The program includes an online program with 4 modules and then additional exercises to do off-line.  They also include a guide for the parents or teachers involved.

From their site:

Brainology shows students that they are in control of their brain and its development. Most important, Brainology shows students how to apply this lesson to their schoolwork. It gives them a practical set of skills and strategies for tackling academic challenges.”

It is all done with animated characters who have problems to which pre-teens and teens can relate. It is also available in Spanish!

Check out the Brainology website.  The video excerpts and the testimonials from parents and teachers are very interesting.

Ways to get this to Low-Income Mothers?

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One of the things that wise poor mothers do is scrimp on some things in order to spend on things related to eduction.  While the prices for Brainology do not seem unreasonable given the potential value, we know that any additional expense can be too much for many of the  households that would benefit the most from this.

Here are a few suggestions on how to get it in the hands of poor households:

1.  You could buy it for a low-income mother you know.

2.  You could buy it as a charitable contribution to a non-profit that serves low-income mothers.

3.  If you are a non-profit or foundation:  You could include this in a grant that you are seeking or giving.

Do you have other ideas or suggestions?




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